Public Speaking


As an author, talk show host and motivational speaker, Kevin Zimmerman is passionate about empowering others to succeed. By inspiring audiences through this signature phrase “All You Can Do is All You Can Do”, Zimmerman speaks to the reality that the sky is the limit and that you are all fully capable of making your dreams come true. Whether you’ve aspired to writing a book, rising to new heights in corporate America, overcoming health challenges, or facing your fears, Kevin Zimmerman wants to help you get where you’ve always dreamed of being.


What does Kevin have to say?
What does Kevin have to say?

Kevin Zimmerman speaks on the subject of empowerment, to many different audiences, and ties this key subject into many different topics from faith to leadership, or team building to motivation and inspiration. Kevin also speaks on:

  • Faith
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration


When is Kevin available?
When is Kevin available?

Mr. Zimmerman is available throughout the year for all kinds of different events from Veterans Day to Black History Month, Back to School Assemblies to Graduation Ceremonies, University Events to Business Conferences. Please be sure to schedule Kevin in advance during peak months (November and February).


Where will he travel to speak?
Where will he travel to speak?

Nationally and Internationally. He will go wherever his voice needs to be heard! Throughout his military career he has traveled and lived in Germany, Korea, and Japan traveling internationally is not a problem.

Previous Engagements:

  • Featured on The Babbie Mason TV Show.
  • Featured on Atlanta, Live TV broadcast for US Military Advocacy work.
  • Featured on Fox, San Antonio Daytime at Nine TV program
  • Featured as Co-host with Fox News Anchor Kaitlyn Munoz for Community Wounded Warrior Fund Raiser.
  • Featured on Live in Seattle with Doug Bursch, Veterans Day Program
  • Featured in Addison The Magazine, Veterans Day Article